Live Event Painting
in New Jersey

Live event painting will give you a new way to capture the essence of your wedding. Contact the Wedding Day Painter to paint your wedding or other special event in New Jersey; you and your guests will enjoy watching the painting come to life over the course of the celebration and you’ll be left with a classy keepsake to commemorate the occasion.

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For that Big Night Live Event Paintng

Photography is a key way to document important events, but it has its limitations. Photos can only capture one moment at a time, but with the artistry of The Wedding Day Painter however, you can have a timeless representation of any key moments during the celebration with all your most important people present and looking their best.

I'll discuss your wishes for your event painting before the event takes place, and then I'll arrive early to begin painting the venue. When your guests arrive, they'll see the background already taking shape. As the event proceeds, I’ll take plenty of pictures and use them as reference material for the final image.

You can expect an eye-catching and cohesive composition that will include all the elements you want; a focus on the important actions during the event, aesthetically pleasing groupings of people, and perfectly positioned guests of honor.

After I touch up the painting in my studio (which takes 4-12 weeks depending on the season), you'll have a beautiful painting that will encapsulate the emotions, relationships, and essence of your special occasion as a whole.

Book as soon as possible to secure a live event painting for your special day.

Commercial Photos

Let's take it to another level Portraiture

Portrait painting is another specialty of Wedding Day Painter. A portrait can be painted before your event so that it can be put on display at the venue, or afterward, when a special moment has been captured with a photograph. Typically, scenes for a portrait grouping will take longer to complete due to the level of detail, and the portrait is priced to reflect that.

When determining how many people to have in a portrait, you need to consider time and expense, but Wedding Day Painter will consider any size and any number of persons. For a group portrait, the final product can take up to 12 weeks for delivery, depending on complexity and size.

Portraits may require a sitting to capture a quality photo from which I can work, or from your own photo if the quality is sufficient. Subjects for portraits can include loved ones, which can include your pets, groups of friends or family members, or people who have passed away. A portrait painting is different from a photograph in that it takes on a life of its own. It lives and breathes of its own accord and will be a focal point in your home!

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