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Create a family heirloom that will be enjoyed for generations to come! Watch as a painting evolves over the course of your event, creating an added enjoyment for you and your guests. Take this unique opportunity to watch a fine artist create a stunning memento that celebrates and records for all time your special occasion.

Your Love Story

For that Big Night Live Event Paintng

Before your event, I will discuss with you your ideas for the painting—if there is a specific moment you want to capture or certain people you want to see in the painting. This can be done by phone or email. I will arrive early on the day of your event. I bring my own equipment and don’t need extra tables, chairs, or lighting, so you don’t need to worry about another to-do on an already busy day. For evening weddings, I do need access to an electrical outlet for my light. Before guests arrive, I will set up and start laying out on the canvas the background elements of the setting. By the time your guests arrive, they can already see the painting developing.

Because there will be many special moments throughout your event, I will take many photographs to determine what to include in your painting to create a seamless and pleasing composition.

Your vision will be more clearly defined when I bring the painting back to my private studio for touch-ups. Colors and contrasts are deepened and distilled to create a cohesive composition, focusing especially on the bride and groom and interesting groupings of guests. I use creative license to add or subtract from a scene, giving me the ability to capture the essence of the whole evening in one painting. Most live event paintings that go back to my studio for touch-ups are completed within 4-12 weeks after the event, depending on the time of year. I will work on your painting until I am sure you will be thrilled with it. When I complete it, I will send you a digital image for final approval. Finally, we will make arrangements for delivery to you.

I will travel to weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, family reunions, and corporate events, capturing the action right at your event. Your painting serves as both entertainment for guests and a lasting memento of your special day.

Committed to the highest artistic standards when I paint your event, I will work with you both before and after the event to ensure that the process is smooth and the final product is something you will treasure forever! The demand for live event painting is high, so I always recommend you book as soon as possible. Some couples book up to two years in advance. September through November is the most popular time of year. A 50% deposit and signed contract secures your date!

Commercial Photos

Let's take it to another level Portraiture

Portrait painting is another specialty of Wedding Day Painter. A portrait can be painted before your event so that it can be put on display at the venue, or afterward, when a special moment has been captured with a photograph. Typically, scenes for a portrait grouping will take longer to complete due to the level of detail, and the portrait is priced to reflect that.

When determining how many people to have in a portrait, you need to consider time and expense, but Wedding Day Painter will consider any size and any number of persons. For a group portrait, the final product can take up to 12 weeks for delivery, depending on complexity and size.

Portraits may require a sitting to capture a quality photo from which I can work, or from your own photo if the quality is sufficient. Subjects for portraits can include loved ones, which can include your pets, groups of friends or family members, or people who have passed away. A portrait painting is different from a photograph in that it takes on a life of its own. It lives and breathes of its own accord and will be a focal point in your home!

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